The story of Wild Thang Festive Apparel is one of evolution and fruition.

Sue's passion for sewing has been passed down through generations, and continues to grow in her daughter, who works with her today. Sue learned how to sew when she was just twelve years old, and since then has developed this love into a business.

Sue started with four young children and a sewing machine, making fun and unique clothing, costumes, and bedding. This naturally led to making outfits for school plays and Halloween costumes, and eventually friends demanded her work. Her first commissioned pieces were beautiful robes for the wedding of two friends. Demand for her talents grew. Sue could often be found cutting fabric on the kitchen floor, as no tables in the house were large enough to fit the bolts of cloth she needed for her distinctive custom faux-fur coats.

Sue sought out the guidance of professional seamstresses and textile artists in order to better her craft. These mentorships helped Sue refine her skills and knowledge even more.

In 2010, Sue moved into her current studio in San Rafael and continued to expand her product line. As her business has developed over the years so has her studio, with the addiition of more sewing machines and a changing room for customers.  Clients often refer to the studio as a  “hidden goldmine”. Stepping through the door the first time is an exciting, sweet, colorful surprise.

Wild Thang continues to evolve and grow with every passing year. Come be a part of the magic.