Get to know the mother-daughter team that keeps the wild in Wild Thang:

  • Sue

    Sue Herbertson has chosen to live a holistic life, filling it with creative self-expression and inner exploration. She lived for over twenty years on a community farm while raising her four children before taking them all on a year-long adventure around the globe. When she settled back into the Bay Area, Sue focused her creative energy on making fun, sexy, creative, and vibrant clothing for all. She’s also a Burner of thirteen years, and constantly draws inspiration and excitement from the wonders of the Playa.
  • Kai Lee

    Kai Lee gets more from her mother than plain old good looks. Working with Sue has taught her not only about cutting, sewing, and pattern making, but how to run a small business. As the years go on, her 'two cents' have become more and more valuable, up to the point where she now jokes that she's Wild Thang's Senior Consultant. A graduate of the University of California Davis and a five-year Burner Kai Lee adds to the flavor of Wild Thang with her vibrant presence and handiwork as well as her ability to support you in finding the perfect pieces to fit your personal creativity.